Tune In Tuesday

Happy June, readers!  It’s hard to believe that this year is almost halfway over.  Where is the time going?  Last Tuesday I mentioned that I was going to be taking part in a Photo A Day Challenge and after brainstorming over the weekend, I decided not to, mostly because I keep my Instagram private and the challenge was for Instagram so it wouldn’t be seen by many people and some of the ideas for the photos on certain days just didn’t fit me, personally, so I have decided not to.  It seemed like a good idea at the time, but the more I thought about it, just wasn’t for me.  As promised, I am going to make Tuesdays #TUNEINTUESDAY so in keeping with that theme, I wanted to let you all know the direction that this blog will be going.  A lot of blogs that I follow are lifestyle blogs and while I enjoy fashion hauls and make-up posts, I tend to gravitate more towards health and fitness, workouts, DIY posts and tips for promoting overall positivity and happiness.  (I know some of you are going to read that and laugh because I used to be such a Negative Nancy, but things change, as do our thoughts and ideas and mine definitely have over the past few years.)  So that’s the thought process behind this blog and to share some life lessons with you along the way.  Head on over to my Health and Fitness tab for a short recipe for one of my healthy breakfast options.  Thanks for stopping by!


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