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I’ve never done a tag post on my blog so I decided to give it a try and found this one on The Simple Beginner’s blog.  I’m nominating my fellow bloggers Simply Kara and Style, Strollers and Sweet Tea to join me in this tag.  It was supposed to post yesterday for #TUNEINTUESDAY, but of course that didn’t work so here goes…ENJOY!

Blush or bronzer?
Bronzer in the summer and blush in the colder months.

Lip gloss or lip stick?
I prefer Revlon Lip Butters because I don’t wear a lot of dark or bright lipstick colors.

Eyeliner or mascara?
I never leave the house without eyeliner.

Foundation or concealer?
I’ve never found a concealer to cover up my dark undereye circles so I don’t even try it anymore.  I’ll wear foundation in the cooler months and B.B. cream or tinted moisturizer in the summer.

Neutral or color eye shadow?
Neutral all the way.  I swear by my Naked 2 pallette and NARS Guy Bourdin pallette that all have neutral colors.

Pressed or loose eye shadows?
Both, but I use pressed more than I use the loose.  I save those for special occasions.

Brushes or sponges?
I’ve got beauty blenders and brushes.  I use Real Techniques for my foundation and Sonia Kashuk brush set for the rest.

OPI or China Glaze?

OPI but I prefer Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure!

Long or short?
I like mine longer otherwise i look like I have stubby hands!

Acrylic or natural?
I like the look of a french manicured acrylic on my nails but it’s too expensive to keep up so I go natural.

Brights or darks?
I like darks in the winter and brights in the summer, but for the  most part I don’t wear polish on my hands because as soon as it chips, I pick it all off.

Perfume or body splash?
Typically body splash.

Lotion or body butter?
Lotion after every shower; body butter in the winter when i’m really dry

Body wash or soap?
Definitely body wash; i hate using bar soap

Lush or other bath company?
Lush had great products, but it can be pricey and there isn’t one near by so I get whatever smells the best 🙂

Jeans or sweat pants?
Definitely a jeans kind of girl, but when I’m relaxing at home I prefer my Victoria’s Secret boyfriend pants.

Long sleeve or short?

Dresses or skirts?
Both as long as it’s a maxi dress or maxi skirt

Stripes or plaid?
Neither.  My style is pretty casual and classic so I don’t try any prints normally but I do have one plaid shirt and one striped shirt.

Flip-flops or sandals?
I could live in flip flops if the weather permitted.  I wear flip flops more often but sandals are all wedges so I wear those only for special occasions.

Scarves or hats?
I love both, but tend to wear scarves more than hats.

Studs or dangly earrings?
Depends on the occasion.  I wear studs for every day workwear, but when I go out I like to wear dangly ones.

Necklaces or bracelets?
Definitely wear more bracelets than necklaces.

Heels or flats?
I prefer flats because I’m already tall and I hate to feel like Amazon Woman.

Jacket or hoodie?
Hoodies all the way.

BOTH.  I love having the luxury of being able to wear it both ways.

Bun or ponytail?
Messy bun

Bobby pins or butterfly clips?
Bobby pins…i have entirely too many laying all over the place

Hair spray or gel?
Believe it or not I don’t use any product in my hair except heat spray

Long or short?
i like it long because it’s more versatile, but in the fall I like having a short, angled bob.

Light or dark?
Dark.  Brunettes have more fun ( I don’t care what the quote says!) 🙂

Side sweep bangs or full bangs?
Side swept bangs

Up or down?
Down, but it will end up being pulled up at some point because it drives me nuts being in my face.

Rain or shine?
Shine preferably, but I love a good rainy day.

Summer or winter?
I prefer Summer but I love the winter and Christmastime.  .

Autumn or spring?
Autumn is my favorite season!

Chocolate or vanilla?
Haha this is entirely too difficult to answer because it’s depends what it is, but for the most part CHOCOLATE is my weakness.

East coast or west coast?
I’m a Midwestern girl so I’m closer to the East coast and have been there more but I still want to travel to the West Coast and see Laguna Beach, San Francisco, Napa Valley…

Vogue or InStyle?
In Style is my favorite magazine

Kim, Kourtney, or Khloe?
None of them.

Coffee or tea?

I like my coffee in the morning and tea in the evening, but lately I’m loving Starbucks’ 3 scoops of matcha powder shaken in ice water!! 🙂


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