Arm Candy

I’m not a huge jewelry fan and tend to just go with a pair of earrings and a ring or two, but when I discovered these bracelets, I fell in love with them.  They’re simple and classic, yet you can layer them and get a really cool look.  My current collection is below, but I’m not stopping there.  I am hoping to purchase more so I can get my collection growing.  These are from a company called Alex and Ani.  Check our the story behind their brand here.  I love that they make Eco-friendly jewelry with positive energy that is all designed and made in America.

 airforce anchor image3(2)    feather

The Air Force charm is self-explanatory as that’s what brought me to where I am currently in my life.  The anchor is a symbol for hope, tranquility and stability.  The Feather is a symbol of truth, light and virtue.  The paw prints are for compassion, optimism and appreciation and is in honor of my black lab, Max, that I no longer have, but was my baby.

I’ve also recently discovered bracelets called Mantrabands.  If you know me well then you know I’m a sucker for inspirational quotes and that’s exactly what are on these bracelets. There are inspirational mantras for happiness, love, peace, strength and journey.   I don’t currently have any of these bracelets, but that will change soon.  I’ll post a photo of some of them below.  Check our their page here.


I should also include my bracelet and beads that I got from Brighton.  Check out their bead collection here.  They’re similar to Pandora and other beads that you find at other jewelers, but these are a lot more affordable.  Below is my current bracelet.



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