Current Wishlist

I keep a list on my desk of things that I am currently wanting to buy or hope to buy.  I started doing this after Christmas last year because every year my mom asks me for my Christmas list and I always have the hardest time trying to decide what to put on that list.  So I come up with a few things and after Christmas, it never fails, I come up with things that I wish I had put on that list.  After this past holiday, I decided to start a list early in the year of things as they come to me and I keep it somewhere that I always see if so I can add to it if I need to.  It’s not necessarily specifically for ideas at Christmas as it is a list to myself to look at and to work to save money for to buy on my own.  Here are a few of the things that I have on my list so far…

coloringbook coloringbook2 fitbit foamrollers hunterwellies iMac keurig sorelboots teakettlerunningshoes

1.  Yes I have been wanting these adult coloring books.  The artist in me loves the idea of having these on hand especially for stress relief. Stress Relieving Patterns and Secret Garden

2.  Fit Bit HR – I originally wanted the Polar Watch because I really would love to know how many calories I burn during each of my workouts, but the FitBit HR can track so many more things like total steps throughout the day (I spend most days on my feet and I’m sure I walk a lot of miles), Heart rate and sleeping patterns.

3.  Foam Rollers – I got into this after seeing it on one of my Tone It Up workouts and it is a lifesaver, especially when my muscles are so sore!

4.  Hunter rain boots –  I have wanted a pair of these for quite some time.  Not only for the rain, but to wear when it snows in the winter and is all slushy here in Ohio.

5.  iMac – This one is #1 on my list right now.  Apple has much better software and photo editing software and I want to have one of these to grow my photography passion so I need the right tools to accomplish that.

6.  Keurig – I have one of these currently, but not this new one.  During the week I typically only drink one cup of coffee during the day, but on weekends I’ll drink a few more cups since I’m not on-the-run and I want one that I can brew a whole carafe of coffee.

7.  Sorel Tofino Herringbone Boots – Right along the same lines as the Hunter boots are these boots.  I have had my eyes on these for a couple years!

8.  Tea kettle – I know this seems odd to have on a wishlist because they do not cost very much, but this is not really a necessity for me, but I have gotten into drinking tea in the evenings and I would love to have one of these for those times.

9.  Mizuno Wave Inspire 11 Running Shoes – As an avid runner, I need shoes almost yearly.  I suffered from shin splints all my life and I finally decided to get fitted for proper running shoes when I started training for my first half marathon.  Ever since I started wearing Mizunos, I won’t wear anything else.


One thought on “Current Wishlist

  1. The Simple Beginner says:

    That’s a beautiful wish list!! I have an adult colouring book – there’s so much goodness of colouring in 😀


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