What I’m Grateful For




As I sit here this Sunday morning with my cup of coffee, I find myself thinking of all the things that I am grateful for.  This has become a trend for me when I have a lazy Sunday where I have nowhere to be and can just sit and reflect on life, where I am currently and where I hope to be in the future.  I keep small notebooks around for when I have ideas and for things that I don’t want to forget and I recently found myself making a list for those little things that happen in life that make me smile; the unconventional things.  On that list will always be my friends and family, being alive, having a job that pays the bills, etc., but this particular list has other things that I have found make me genuinely happy.  I encourage all of you to keep a list, whether it be mental or on a piece of paper, to look back on from time to time and add to it and just reflect on what really makes YOU happy and grateful.  The list will be different for all of you and I’d love to know a few of your unconventional items on your list.  Please comment them below.

1. Sunsets

2. Rainy Days

3. Seeing a dog riding in a car with their head out the window

4. Laughing

5. The sound of waves crashing on the beach

6. A finished painting

7. Having entire conversations in movie quotes with my friends and family

8. Reading such a good book that I don’t want to put it down

9. Lazy Sundays

10. Spending the evening on the patio watching the sun set

11. Having a fan on while I’m sleeping

12. Christmas carols (or just the Christmas holiday in general)

13. Fresh flowers

14. Driving with the windows down on a warm spring day

15. Flip Flops

16. Maxi skirts

17. Making memories that I will remember the rest of my life

18. The perfect glass of red wine

19. Sleeping babies

20. Songs that make me think of a memory in my life



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