Daily Inspiration

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Since today is #spiritualsunday, I am sticking with that theme and sharing something that inspires me daily and keeps my spirit happy.  Having gone through what I have in the past, I was pretty negative for quite awhile and almost bitter at times.  I do not know what it was exactly that changed my way of thinking, but one day it was like a light switch went off and I realized that this way of thinking was so toxic and was eating up my happiness.  I was spending too much time feeling sorry for myself and wasting every precious moment of my life and missing out on this one life that I have to live.  I hate to use cliches here but life really is short and it moves by in the blink of an eye and I do not  want to waste any more of my life not making the best of each and every day.

I am a firm believer in inspirational and motivational quotes; always have been.  Someone once told me that I should not live my life by the words of someone else and should get my own words (what a hater).  Thanks for your opinion, but it was not asked for nor do I need that kind of negativity.  I do not use someone’s words as my own, but those quotes are out there for a reason.  They have helped me in my darkest of days and have given me reasons to smile and not give up hope and have faith that things will be alright for me; to see the good in every day.  It is completely normal for us all to have an occasional bad day and that is just a part of life.  But take the time to reflect on that day and what it taught you and then brush yourself off and come back stronger the next day.

Being an artist, myself, and combining that with my love of inspirational words and quotes, I stumbled upon an Instagram page that is both artistic and inspirational.  Rose Hill Designs by Heather Stillufsen.  (Her Facebook page is here and her Instagram is heather_rosehill.)  The images above are from her page and she posts a new one almost daily.  Check out her beautiful illustrations and inspiring words.

Do you have something that inspires you daily?  Please comment below and share; I would love to see what inspires you all.


2 thoughts on “Daily Inspiration

  1. kikixchanel says:

    I love this post because I’ve gone through trials in my life that have completely shifted my perspective and set me on a new path of positivity as opposed to the negative one I was formerly on. When you come to the realization that happiness is something that you must find within yourself first, you realize that all those quotes out there are popular for a reason; they’re completely true. Life IS short and it’s a blessing to realize that early on in life. Thanks for posting this 🙂


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