My Design Style


As the years have gone by and I have gone through so many different experiences, I have found that my tastes and styles have changed.  What I never wanted to eat before, I now love; what I didn’t like to listen to in music before, I now love to listen to and what I liked in design and clothing style previously, that has changed as well.  Today I’m focusing on my design style because I have a passion for interior design (possible career change?).

In my late teens and twenties, I loved a mix of contemporary and modern design.  Clean lines, smooth surfaces and bold colors were something that caught my eye.  But as I’ve grown up, I have found that what I like now has completely changed.  I’m drawn to rustic farmhouse styles and french country styles.  In high school I absolutely despised history and did not find it interesting at all.  After my visit to the Biltmore Estates last year and my recent obsession with Downton Abbey, I have become more intrigued with historical fashion and design.  The images that I find inspiring now have mixtures of neutral colors, weathered wood and succulents as accents.  I know you’re probably thinking that the designs of Downton Abbey days are nowhere near the designs of a rustic farmhouse, but I still find all of that history so interesting.

As soon as I discovered Fixer Upper on HGTV, I absolutely fell in love with the designer’s (Joanna Gaines) style.  If you have never seen this show and love rustic design, you should check this show out.  There has not been one home they’ve redone, that I did not like. When I finally own my first home one day, I really look forward to designing and decorating the interior space how I have envisioned it in my head (including shiplap, a farmhouse sink and lots of weathered wood).  For magazine inspiration I am loving Country Living and House Beautiful and on Instagram some of my favorite accounts for design are bentleyblonde, whimsygirldesign and rusticcharmhouse, aninspirednest, and rusticlittleroost.  Check them out.  Below I have included some of my favorite rooms and designs from Joanna Gaines.  (For the record, when I envision a home office, I love the look of black and white with gold and pink accents, more of a contemporary style, which sounds contradicting but what can I say…pink is my favorite color.)

Who is your design inspiration and what are some of your favorite design magazines and blogs?  Leave a comment below; I would love to check them out.


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