Favorite Bible Verses

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I can guarantee that all of you have heard this verse before at some point or another in your life.  This one has been a longtime favorite of mine for as long as I can remember.  When life gets you down, this is one of the perfect verses to come back to (in my opinion).  Before I go any further into this post, I feel that I need to say that I am breaking down this verse and this verse only.  I am not including the verse(s) before or after this one nor am I breaking down the entire context of the chapter Jeremiah in the Bible.  I am all about quotes and verses that inspire me and give me hope and help me through whatever it is I am having trouble with.  After living many years alone, marrying and moving away from my family, starting all over and finding new friends and a job, a divorce and trying to find myself all over again and finding what it is that makes me happy, I have turned to many quotes and verses to get me through those difficult times.  Everyone is different as far as the grief process goes and we all take a certain amount of time to get through our struggles, but this one helped me a lot throughout the entire process.  On my worst days I would look at this one and remember that God has a plan for me, even though it was hard for me to see it at the time, but there are better things ahead for me.  I have learned a lot more than I thought I ever would or could after going through what I did and as odd as it is to say, I am grateful that I went through those things.  It may not have turned out the way I had hoped (at that time), but in my heart, now, I believe that it really did all happen for a reason (boy, the cliches are really rolling now).  I always had an idea for how I saw my life going (as I’m sure many of you may have) but it has not turned out anywhere near where I thought it would back then; and that’s okay with me.  Where I am in my life now, I believe, is exactly where I am supposed to be.  I had to learn a few (tough) lessons and experience things that I never imagined I would to get to this point. I truly believe that I was not ready for any of the things that I thought I would be experiencing at that stage in my life.  And that’s perfectly fine with me.  This verse really speaks to me because I know that no matter how hard I think I might have it, there are bluer skies ahead and an even greater happiness than I could have ever imagined!  The verses that are my favorites tend to apply to this same principle so I will include those below as well.





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