I’m Back and it’s Spiritual Sunday


I’m back!!!  I have been away from blogging for what seems like a long time.  Changes at work made for longer hours and less time for me to do much of anything else but sleep.  I also took some time away just for me, to focus on what I want to do with my life and where I want to go next.  I had been feeling a little disconnected and insignificant and had that “What am I here for” moment.  On Sundays I started the series “Spiritual Sunday” and thought there was no better day to come back to the blogging world.

Ever since I moved in early 2012, I had been searching for a new church.  More recently was after my divorce that I started trying out new churches and finding a good fit.  I visited three different churches and there was just always something “missing” for me.  Then today I decided to try a new church I had been told about.  It’s not exactly close to my place (it’s a 30 minute drive), but I decided it was worth a shot and I’m very glad that I went.  It was very similar to the church I was used to and I loved the message and more importantly, the delivery of the message.  While I’m not typically one for traditional hymns, something about today seemed to click and the words really spoke to me.  If anyone has ever had this feeling, then you know what I mean when I say there’s a calmness and emotional feeling about being in the right church.

The verse above was one that was talked about today and the overall message was about serving and not letting our pride get in the way of our lives and our serving.  Our problems and our issues are not unique, everyone goes through those problems and no one is more special than the next person.  We serve to do good for others and not solely to receive the recognition or to get anything back; being selfless.

When I was younger, I remember dreading getting up on a Sunday morning to go to Sunday School and church.  It wasn’t until a few years ago that I actually found myself WANTING to go on my own and it definitely makes me feel like a different person, in a good way.  I hope to keep going to this church on a weekly basis and answering that dreaded question “What am I here for?”

What have I been up to?—– I have been having an itch to do a lot of home decorating and furniture refinishing to reflect my actual style as it has evolved over the years.  I am constantly looking for furniture to repaint with my Annie Sloan chalk paint.  I recently repainted and finished my dresser and nightstands and am in the process of doing a hopechest.  I will post pictures later of those projects and let you all see what I’ve been working on.  Many late nights have been spent on Pinterest and Instagram where I have found new accounts with rustic farmhouse home decor and I’ve been pinning my heart out and taking screen shots of things I love and want to incorporate into my own home.  Check me out on Instagram and Pinterest at the link to the right of my page.  It’s good to be back!