What I Have Been Loving Lately

Hey readers!  I first need to apologize for being gone for so long.  I get alerted when people view my blog and the Facebook page for my blog and I felt terrible for not having posted in quite some time.  Some things have changed since my last post, but I won’t get into that right now.  I wanted to do a lighter post just on some things I have been loving recently.  I also have been contemplating on whether I should keep doing this blog so if you guys could comment below that you do read this and/or leave me a message what you might like to see me post on this blog.  I would like to branch out to more fitness and nutrition-type posts so that is definitely a possibility.  I just want to take a poll to see if anyone even reads this and would like me to post more.  Today is Tuesday and last year I was posting on Tuesdays as part of my Tune-In Tuesday!  I normally have my cardio and abs workout on Tuesdays but honestly, it is just too hot outside to run so I am going to attempt that later this evening. So without further ado, here’s what I have been loving lately…

  • Bath & Body Works’ fall candles –   Since it is almost Fall, my favorite time of year, I have raided B&BW and stocked up on their candles and Wallflower plug ins.  These scents are my favorite…DSC_0194.JPG
  • D.I.Y. mason jar craft – I had been wanting to do this craft for a long time so I went out and bought 3 mason jars, some chalk paint and a clear, matte finishing spray.  I painted the jars with 3 coats total and let them dry in between coats so the paint did not peel off.  Once that was dry, I used some sandpaper and distressed them until I liked the finished look.  To finish them off, I sprayed them with a matte spray finish to set the paint.  I decided to add some twine that I had laying around to the tops of the jars and the fillers are from Hobby Lobby.  I plan on changing out what I put in the jars depending on what season it is that way I don’t have dozens of jars laying around.  DSC_0197.JPG
  • Bullet journal – I enjoy drawing and painting in my free time and I consider myself extremely organized so when I discovered what a Bullet Journal was (while I was scrolling Pinterest like I do most evenings), I was intrigued and have been hooked ever since.  It combines making lists (which I have an entire notebook with different lists in it), with drawing, journaling and keeping track of your activities, events and appointments and so much more.  The possibilities are endless of what you want to add to it.  I follow a lot of really cool bullet journalists and artists on Instagram and they constantly give me new ideas.  The only downfall to this is that you have to actually draw out your weekly pages in your planner, which is time consuming but if you’re an artist and like to draw, it won’t bother you one bit.  To see a link to the original Bullet Journal site, click here.  Below is the planner and markers I use.  Markers were purchased from Michael’s and I ordered my planner from Amazon.  Once you start searching, you will find out different planner options and how other people set up their journals.  Some of them are very cool.  DSC_0200.JPG
  • Sally Hansen nail polish in Fall colors – I don’t typically wear dark or bright colors on my fingernails because as soon as it chips off, I end up picking it all off and I just like the classic look of a nice french manicure.  But I have gotten so many compliments just in the past two weeks on this grayish brown color (Commander in Chic) that I have on my nails currently.  The plum color (Orchid Me Not) is what I have been wanting for my toes.  I put this color on my nails and I did not like it, but I love it on my toes.  If you haven’t tried Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure colors, I highly recommend them.  I have mentioned the gold bottle with their Nailgrowth Miracle before and I use that as my base and top coat and it literally lasts more than a full week without chipping.  WINNING!! DSC_0195.JPG
  • Nikon D3200 – I have always been interested in photography and took a few classes years ago.  I am still learning about settings and playing around with all of that, but I love to take it out and just walk around and snap pictures. While I prefer to take landscape photos, I had the honor of taking pictures at my friend’s vow renewal and I enjoyed that opportunity; but I still would rather get better at landscape photos rather than portraits. camera

Those are just a few things that I have been loving recently and I just wanted to say thank you for reading my blog and I hope you come back again!!


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