How To Get Sleep If You Suffer From Seasonal Allergies (without taking pills)


Growing up, I never had to worry about allergies of any kind.  It wasn’t until my second year of college that I started developing allergy symptoms and experiencing seasonal allergies.  At the start of Spring and Fall, while others are so glad for the change in weather and temperatures, I am miserable because I can’t breathe, my eyes are red and itchy and I sneeze nonstop.  I will typically take an allergy pill during the day that lasts (or is supposed to last) 24 hours.  I’m not one to take pills for anything so when I started using DoTerra essential oils, I started researching combinations for allergy sufferers like myself.  If you have not tried them or are on the fence about whether they really work or not, I am here to tell you that they do.

At nighttime is when my symptoms seem to be the worst.  I get so stuffed up and can’t breathe, while at the same time, one side of my nose runs and won’t stop.   It used to get so bad, I would have to shove a kleenex up that nostril just to stop it from running so that I could get a few hours of sleep.  Attractive, I know!  I know some people think I should just be able to blow my nose and get some relief, but if you have allergies, then you know that doesn’t work.  My nose runs constantly but when I try to blow it…nothing.  It truly is annoying.

So when I came upon this combination of oils, I decided to give it a try.  I have a diffuser that will run for 8 hours and then shuts off so that’s perfect for while I’m sleeping.  I put 4 drops of each oil in the water and went to bed.  The first night I slept, uninterrupted, until my alarm went off in the morning.  I tried it again the next night…same results.  I know there are a lot of skeptics when it comes to essential oils and my friends made fun of me saying I “drank the kool-aid.”  But I can tell you that this really does work.  To prove my theory, I went the next night without the diffuser and guess what?  I was up half the night sniffling and not able to breathe.  So you do the math.  Needless to say, when my allergy symptoms flare up, I turn to my diffuser and essential oils to help me get a restful night of sleep and wake up feeling great.  As the saying goes “there’s an app for that;”  so, too, there’s an oil for that.  These oils can help with so many ailments, symptoms and moods, you’re sure to find at least one that works for you.  You can even use some of them in cooking and on infants and pets.  If you’re interested in placing an order or just seeing what DoTerra has, check out this page.

Below is the diffuser that I use.  I ordered it from Amazon.  You can find a similar one here.


So here’s what I use:

4 drops of Lavender essential oil

4 drops of Peppermint essential oil

4 drops of Lemon essential oil

Diffuse and relax!

Do any of you use essential oils? I would love to hear your experience!