It’s Time For a Change

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     I have been in my current profession in healthcare for almost ten years now.  It took me until just recently to realize that this is not where I belong in my career.  I always knew that something was missing and I was never really fulfilled in my day-to-day life.  After working with patients (most of them sick and in pain), I have realized that I am too unhappy in my career to stay in it and it is time for a change.  It pains me to say it, but people have made me bitter in my job.  There are some very angry, rude people in this world with no respect for others, especially those that are trying to help them.

Some of you might be thinking “Great, go for it!”  The only problem with that is that I don’t know what it is that I should be doing.  I was never that person who always knew what they wanted to be when they grew up;  I am envious of those of you that were.  There are so many things that I am interested in and that I enjoy doing.  While I don’t know what path I want to choose, I do know that I want it to be in the art / creative field.  I have always been drawn to art and creating and designing things and wish I had pursued that before I got so far into school and turning back to start over didn’t seem like a wise decision.  Looking back on that, I wish I had made that choice to pursue my own happiness rather than not wanting to go further into student loan debt.


     Currently, I love to paint, but I don’t feel like that would be enough for me.  I want more than that.  I want to create things.  I love interior decorating and designing spaces and wish I had my own place to redo and decorate.  The number of home decorating Instagrammers that I follow is borderline ridiculous.  At the same time, I love all things fitness and health related; from workouts to healthy recipes to natural skincare products.  While I cannot control some things in my life, I have become enthralled in the things that I can create, like what goes into my body (I chose to go vegetarian, which might be another post entirely) and what I use on my body.  So you can see my dilemma currently.  It’s time to make a change in my life.  The problem now is deciding what that change will look like.  When I have a more definitive idea of where I will be heading, I am thinking about making my blog a more permanent fixture that goes right along with my chosen profession and making a living off that or just for some disposable income.  The sky is the limit!!  Let’s be honest, what I would truly love to do is what Joanna Gaines does with Magnolia Market and their blog or Liz at LizMarieBlog and The Found Cottage.  If you haven’t checked her out, you totally should.

Have any of you made a career change into a completely different profession?  If so, I would love to get in touch with you to talk about your transition and how it worked out for you.  Please leave me a comment below so we can connect.



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How To Get Sleep If You Suffer From Seasonal Allergies (without taking pills)


Growing up, I never had to worry about allergies of any kind.  It wasn’t until my second year of college that I started developing allergy symptoms and experiencing seasonal allergies.  At the start of Spring and Fall, while others are so glad for the change in weather and temperatures, I am miserable because I can’t breathe, my eyes are red and itchy and I sneeze nonstop.  I will typically take an allergy pill during the day that lasts (or is supposed to last) 24 hours.  I’m not one to take pills for anything so when I started using DoTerra essential oils, I started researching combinations for allergy sufferers like myself.  If you have not tried them or are on the fence about whether they really work or not, I am here to tell you that they do.

At nighttime is when my symptoms seem to be the worst.  I get so stuffed up and can’t breathe, while at the same time, one side of my nose runs and won’t stop.   It used to get so bad, I would have to shove a kleenex up that nostril just to stop it from running so that I could get a few hours of sleep.  Attractive, I know!  I know some people think I should just be able to blow my nose and get some relief, but if you have allergies, then you know that doesn’t work.  My nose runs constantly but when I try to blow it…nothing.  It truly is annoying.

So when I came upon this combination of oils, I decided to give it a try.  I have a diffuser that will run for 8 hours and then shuts off so that’s perfect for while I’m sleeping.  I put 4 drops of each oil in the water and went to bed.  The first night I slept, uninterrupted, until my alarm went off in the morning.  I tried it again the next night…same results.  I know there are a lot of skeptics when it comes to essential oils and my friends made fun of me saying I “drank the kool-aid.”  But I can tell you that this really does work.  To prove my theory, I went the next night without the diffuser and guess what?  I was up half the night sniffling and not able to breathe.  So you do the math.  Needless to say, when my allergy symptoms flare up, I turn to my diffuser and essential oils to help me get a restful night of sleep and wake up feeling great.  As the saying goes “there’s an app for that;”  so, too, there’s an oil for that.  These oils can help with so many ailments, symptoms and moods, you’re sure to find at least one that works for you.  You can even use some of them in cooking and on infants and pets.  If you’re interested in placing an order or just seeing what DoTerra has, check out this page.

Below is the diffuser that I use.  I ordered it from Amazon.  You can find a similar one here.


So here’s what I use:

4 drops of Lavender essential oil

4 drops of Peppermint essential oil

4 drops of Lemon essential oil

Diffuse and relax!

Do any of you use essential oils? I would love to hear your experience!


What I Have Been Loving Lately

Hey readers!  I first need to apologize for being gone for so long.  I get alerted when people view my blog and the Facebook page for my blog and I felt terrible for not having posted in quite some time.  Some things have changed since my last post, but I won’t get into that right now.  I wanted to do a lighter post just on some things I have been loving recently.  I also have been contemplating on whether I should keep doing this blog so if you guys could comment below that you do read this and/or leave me a message what you might like to see me post on this blog.  I would like to branch out to more fitness and nutrition-type posts so that is definitely a possibility.  I just want to take a poll to see if anyone even reads this and would like me to post more.  Today is Tuesday and last year I was posting on Tuesdays as part of my Tune-In Tuesday!  I normally have my cardio and abs workout on Tuesdays but honestly, it is just too hot outside to run so I am going to attempt that later this evening. So without further ado, here’s what I have been loving lately…

  • Bath & Body Works’ fall candles –   Since it is almost Fall, my favorite time of year, I have raided B&BW and stocked up on their candles and Wallflower plug ins.  These scents are my favorite…DSC_0194.JPG
  • D.I.Y. mason jar craft – I had been wanting to do this craft for a long time so I went out and bought 3 mason jars, some chalk paint and a clear, matte finishing spray.  I painted the jars with 3 coats total and let them dry in between coats so the paint did not peel off.  Once that was dry, I used some sandpaper and distressed them until I liked the finished look.  To finish them off, I sprayed them with a matte spray finish to set the paint.  I decided to add some twine that I had laying around to the tops of the jars and the fillers are from Hobby Lobby.  I plan on changing out what I put in the jars depending on what season it is that way I don’t have dozens of jars laying around.  DSC_0197.JPG
  • Bullet journal – I enjoy drawing and painting in my free time and I consider myself extremely organized so when I discovered what a Bullet Journal was (while I was scrolling Pinterest like I do most evenings), I was intrigued and have been hooked ever since.  It combines making lists (which I have an entire notebook with different lists in it), with drawing, journaling and keeping track of your activities, events and appointments and so much more.  The possibilities are endless of what you want to add to it.  I follow a lot of really cool bullet journalists and artists on Instagram and they constantly give me new ideas.  The only downfall to this is that you have to actually draw out your weekly pages in your planner, which is time consuming but if you’re an artist and like to draw, it won’t bother you one bit.  To see a link to the original Bullet Journal site, click here.  Below is the planner and markers I use.  Markers were purchased from Michael’s and I ordered my planner from Amazon.  Once you start searching, you will find out different planner options and how other people set up their journals.  Some of them are very cool.  DSC_0200.JPG
  • Sally Hansen nail polish in Fall colors – I don’t typically wear dark or bright colors on my fingernails because as soon as it chips off, I end up picking it all off and I just like the classic look of a nice french manicure.  But I have gotten so many compliments just in the past two weeks on this grayish brown color (Commander in Chic) that I have on my nails currently.  The plum color (Orchid Me Not) is what I have been wanting for my toes.  I put this color on my nails and I did not like it, but I love it on my toes.  If you haven’t tried Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure colors, I highly recommend them.  I have mentioned the gold bottle with their Nailgrowth Miracle before and I use that as my base and top coat and it literally lasts more than a full week without chipping.  WINNING!! DSC_0195.JPG
  • Nikon D3200 – I have always been interested in photography and took a few classes years ago.  I am still learning about settings and playing around with all of that, but I love to take it out and just walk around and snap pictures. While I prefer to take landscape photos, I had the honor of taking pictures at my friend’s vow renewal and I enjoyed that opportunity; but I still would rather get better at landscape photos rather than portraits. camera

Those are just a few things that I have been loving recently and I just wanted to say thank you for reading my blog and I hope you come back again!!

Where Have I Been?

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Hello friends!  After a very long break from blogging, I have decided to fill you all in on where I have been and what I have been up to.  Since today is Sunday and I was doing a Spiritual Sunday post regularly, I figured this was a perfect day to do that since I just got home from church.

Almost seven months ago, I changed jobs and moved back to my old job that I had before I got married.  At the time, it seemed logical to me to close that chapter of my life and move on to the next chapter.  In hindsight, I had moments where I felt like I had moved backwards and regretted the decision to move jobs and leave all the friends I had made and my life there.  It weight heavily on me for quite a few months and not a day went by that I did not think about or regret that choice.  I can’t exactly tell you what it was or what day it was that my whole thought process had changed, but that happened roughly two weeks ago.  I decided that I needed to suck it up and try and change my life and make choices to get back to being happy again because, as cliche as this is, life really is too short to be unhappy and I had brought myself into a dark, unhappy place that I did not want to be in.  Aside from the decision to move, I had gone through a few other things in my personal life that just brought me further into that dark space that I just did not want to be in.  There is no one in this world that will make you happy except YOU.  To be happy in any relationship in life, you have got to make yourself happy first.  If you don’t love your own company, how will anyone else love it?

Without going into too much detail, there came a day where I had finally had enough and made the decision to talk to someone.  I have only had one appointment with a therapist, but it has impacted me in such a big way and just talking to someone about it made a world of difference.  I am the type of person that is extremely independent and yes, I am stubborn.  I do not ask for help and typically like (and don’t mind) doing things by myself.  So for me to make the decision to get some kind of help was HUGE!! Since my first session, I also bought a couple of self-improvement books that I read a little bit from every day.  Both of them have the same concept…it’s all in your own thinking.  Positive thinking, yields positive outcomes.  While I know that is not always the case, it has really helped me see things differently and one of the books called Find Your Happy by Shannon Kaiser, has a mantra for each day to motivate a happy, peaceful and fulfilling life.  I start each morning reading the one for that day.  Giving myself about 10 minutes every day to read that and listen to a short guided mediation on my Calm app has changed my outlook on my past decision and has me looking forward to what is to come.

With all of that happening, I also made the choice to go to graduate school and get my Masters in Business Administration.  I know that I will not be happy continuing in my current profession for the rest of my life and I need something that challenges me daily and I feel like I have worked too hard, educationally, to stop where I am so at the end of this month I will start that journey.  I am anxious and nervous because I know the courses will be challenging, require a lot of time and I will be working full-time while I do that.  So stay tuned for posts about my educational journey as well as this new spiritual journey I am on.  As always, thank you for reading and following along with me and my shenanigans!  Stay tuned!

Favorite Bible Verses

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I can guarantee that all of you have heard this verse before at some point or another in your life.  This one has been a longtime favorite of mine for as long as I can remember.  When life gets you down, this is one of the perfect verses to come back to (in my opinion).  Before I go any further into this post, I feel that I need to say that I am breaking down this verse and this verse only.  I am not including the verse(s) before or after this one nor am I breaking down the entire context of the chapter Jeremiah in the Bible.  I am all about quotes and verses that inspire me and give me hope and help me through whatever it is I am having trouble with.  After living many years alone, marrying and moving away from my family, starting all over and finding new friends and a job, a divorce and trying to find myself all over again and finding what it is that makes me happy, I have turned to many quotes and verses to get me through those difficult times.  Everyone is different as far as the grief process goes and we all take a certain amount of time to get through our struggles, but this one helped me a lot throughout the entire process.  On my worst days I would look at this one and remember that God has a plan for me, even though it was hard for me to see it at the time, but there are better things ahead for me.  I have learned a lot more than I thought I ever would or could after going through what I did and as odd as it is to say, I am grateful that I went through those things.  It may not have turned out the way I had hoped (at that time), but in my heart, now, I believe that it really did all happen for a reason (boy, the cliches are really rolling now).  I always had an idea for how I saw my life going (as I’m sure many of you may have) but it has not turned out anywhere near where I thought it would back then; and that’s okay with me.  Where I am in my life now, I believe, is exactly where I am supposed to be.  I had to learn a few (tough) lessons and experience things that I never imagined I would to get to this point. I truly believe that I was not ready for any of the things that I thought I would be experiencing at that stage in my life.  And that’s perfectly fine with me.  This verse really speaks to me because I know that no matter how hard I think I might have it, there are bluer skies ahead and an even greater happiness than I could have ever imagined!  The verses that are my favorites tend to apply to this same principle so I will include those below as well.




What I’m Watching

For #tuneintuesday, I thought it was appropriate to let you all know what I tune into when I have time.  I work two jobs so I don’t have a lot of time to watch television; as such, I do not have cable.  (Pause for reaction)  With the absolutely outrageous prices of cable and the very little free time that I do have to watch television, I decided to get rid of that extra cost and right now I can actually say that I don’t miss it… Yet.  Once college football season starts I know I might have to bite the bullet and get cable because I might go crazy not being able to watch football all day on a Saturday.  Stay tuned for that decision.  So for now I use my Netflix and movie collection to watch shows and movies.  I have some feel-good movies, some movies I watch when I’m “in a mood” and series that I love to watch and a couple that I am just getting into.  And thanks to one of my great friends, I am able to watch a series that I have been wanting to watch for a long time.  So I won’t bore you with anymore details, I’ll just show you what I’m loving…(captions are included so click on the picture if you want to read what I love about each).

OK, now I want to hear what your favorite shows/ series/ and movies are.  I would love to find some new ones out there; and no, they do not all have to be love stories or “girlie.”  I love all kinds…if you hadn’t noticed.

Favorite Bible Verse


This past weekend I was with family all weekend and took a break from social media and blog planning, but while I was driving back home I decided that I would start a short series of posts on Sundays.  The above image is a portion of one of my favorite Bible verses.  For the next few weeks I will be sharing some of my favorite verses from the Bible as part of my #spiritualsunday posts.  This one is special to me because it stood for the hope that I needed, after my divorce, to realize that it was something I needed to go through, even as painful as it was, to keep me moving on the path that He has for me.  Hope does for the soul what an anchor does for a ship; it keeps it steady and secure while waves are crashing all around it and storms pass through.  During my “storm”,  I had hope to keep me grounded and to know that better things are ahead.  Now that the storm has passed, I can move on to greater accomplishments and the happy life that I am hoping for.  I got this tattooed on my rib cage as a reminder to realize that I will go through many storms, but as long as I stay hopeful, I know that I will be just fine.

“This hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls. It leads us through the curtain into God’s inner sanctuary”. – Hebrews 6:19

Do you have a favorite Bible verse?  Please share it below.